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Hi, I'm Todd Langwell but a lot of people call me Spud.  Welcome to Liberty and Life!

Liberty and Life (spud.ws) is a site founded to promote the ideals of personal liberty and the non-partisan Liberty Movement.  We are dedicated to promoting the ideals of Classical Liberalism as defined by the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and  equally committed to exposing the authoritarian hypocrisy of modern social liberalism and neo-conservative feudalism.

America is suffering from a de facto one-party system of corporate-socialists masquerading as the Republican and Democratic Parties.  While they pander to different groups and keep the people distracted with meaningless bickering, the end results from this collaboration of semi-competing management teams are always the same. 

Regardless of which party is in power, we see a steady decline of the American economy, a relentless eroding of personal liberty and the continued enrichment of the international banking cartels and multi-national corporations who have hijacked our government.

We can only begin to be solve the issues we face though a smaller and more accountable federal government, a restoration of our personal liberties and freedom from the forced usury and bondage imposed on us by the international banking cartels as represented by the private U.S. Federal Reserve System.

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Overheard at Liberty and Life Headquarters... 


Politicians are not the government.  WE are the government."

“We're turning into a nation of authoritarian-accepting relativists. You say, ‘I've been bit by a rattlesnake!’ They say, ‘Be glad it wasn't a cobra.’"

“Some say this nation is filled with people who can't handle the truth. I don't think that's exactly correct. To say people can't handle the truth implies they have some interest in what the truth is to begin with.”

“You supporters of authoritarianism are deceived. Whether your energies are devoted to the fake-left authoritarians who steal wealth and regulate every aspect of life or whether you are devoted to the fake-right authoritarians who steal wealth and regulate every aspect of  life, you are being conned into giving away the natural rights our independence was founded upon. Embrace life: embrace liberty!”

“The longest war in American history just got a little longer. After ten years of turning this God-forsaken hunk of desert into a... well... God-forsaken hunk of desert, there's no telling if we are any closer to our objectives. This is mostly because no one in this country has actually been told what our objectives are.”

“Live your life like every day is a gift... because, it is.”




Personal Message from Todd...

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